Giuseppe Lorenzo Rosa, Esq.'s legal experience spans 38 years in independent practice, as member of the Milano (Italy) Bar.

Drawing upon his  extended Legal and Economics plan of studies while earning his Law Degree from Padova State University ( 1972-77 ), and more specifically based upon the subjects ( Comparative Company Laws, Industrial Property Laws, Law of International Trade, Laws of the European Economic Communities ) he pursued while enjoying his 1979-80 Master of Arts in Business Law at The City of London Polytechnic, he was naturally prepared for a career in International Business Law.

Below is a concise abstract of the diversified exposure Mr. Rosa had, in Italy, in the U.S.A, and in several other jurisdictions, thanks to his Clients' matters, either in Judicial or Non Judicial contingencies.

Mr. Rosa's current log  focuses upon analogous areas of assistance to Clients, albeit from a wider perspective, considering the interplay of business strategies, legal systems, cross-cultural issues, global approach, which are necessarily part of an  effective Law Firm  work, irrespective of size and location.

Giuseppe Lorenzo Rosa, Esq. was selected by Section of International Law, American Bar Association, to appear in the 4th and 5th Edition of Guide to Foreign Law Firms, as well as by Martindale Hubbell International Law Directory where he has constantly appeared.

Judicial Representation by Industry:

Representation of top Italian car manufacturers in labour matters before Milan Courts;
Representation of Italian individual client in receivables collection matter which involved Italian court proceedings and ensuing sale of valuable Ferrari automobile.

2.Publishing - Media - Fashion Modelling - Professional Sports:
Representation of Italian and overseas  leading publishers in Court as well as  in extrajudicial matters to protect intellectual property rights, and develop contractual strategies;
Representation of Swiss Models Agency in contract dispute vs. Italian high couture designer and manufacturer, with ensuing representation in Italian bankruptcy proceedings;
Representation of top U.S basketball player vs. Italian team in Milan, Italy, Labour Court proceedings;
Representation of Italian top publisher in litigation proceedings involving copyright rights in "Doktor Zhivago", the world renowned novel by Boris Pasternak, first published in Italy in 1957.

3.Industrial Plants - Machinery:
Representation of Italian and European Member States engineering companies in arbitration proceedings, within the International Chamber of Commerce Court Arbitration Rules, as well as under China FETAC-CCPIT Rules of International Arbitration;
Representation of leading Italian machinery and plant manufacturer in adversary proceedings before U.S. Bankruptcy Federal Court in Minnesota;
Representation of leading Italian machinery and plant manufacturer in commercial matters before U.S Federal Courts in Minnesota and Florida;
Representation of leading Italian machinery manufacturer in health related proceedings before State Courts in the U.S.A;

Representation of leading Italian machinery and plant manufacturer in commercial dispute before State Courts in the U.S.A;

4.International Securities Litigation: 
Representation of Italian Institutional Investors in International Securities class actions before U.S. Federal Courts and other jurisdictions, including the Paris Commercial Court;
Representation of 430 Italian individual investors, as well as of Italian top bank in bankruptcy proceedings involving Lehman Brothers, General Motors, and Icelandic Bank, before U.S Federal Courts and Iceland bankruptcy receivers.
Advice to U.S law firms specializing in international Securities Litigation.

                                                 5.International Banking - Maritime:        
Representation of Gulf Arab shipping companies in Italian proceedings involving unfair call of first demand letters of guarantee;

                                   6.Super-Mega Yachts - Luxury Cruise Lines - Maritime:
 Representation of top world renowned Italian designer company of mega/super yachts in multiple contract/intellectual property cases before  U.S. Federal Courts in New York  and Minnesota.
Representation of top U.S company committed to management of luxury cruise vessels in administrative proceedings before Italian Coast Guard / Ministries of Infrastructures / Protection of the Environment-Sea.

                                7.International Sale of Goods - Bills of Lading - Maritime:
Representation of Italian engineering company in litigation proceedings vs. top Italian shipping company over mishandling of Bills of Lading at Whampoa Harbour, People's Republic of China, with ensuing legal opinion from Hong Kong based U.K law firm, summary judgment order and  prejudgment attachment at shipping company's Trieste head offices, and eventual settlement of the case in the merits.

                               8.Medical Devices - Israeli manufacturer, controlled by public

                                             Company  listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Representation of leading Israeli manufacturer of medical devices in Court proceedings in Southern Italy, affecting Italian wholly-owned company. 

                                                9.Leather goods - Dominican Republic:
 Representation of Dominican Republic  leading producer of cow hides in commercial dispute vs. Italian importer, wth ensuing representation in Italian bankruptcy and criminal cases as a result of the Italian importer's illegal conducts.

 Whenever Court / Arbitration / Mediation or ADR proceedings are brought overseas  under the direction and instructions of Mr. Rosa, local counsel is always retained, in full compliance with local procedural provisions and Rules of Conduct.  


                                                 10. Banking. Financial Investments.

Representation of individual investors in their claims vs. financial advisers and banks in negotiations, mediation and court proceedings.


                                                     Non Judicial Representation:

1. M & A; International Commercial Contracts; Joint Ventures ( including U.S.S.R, People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Albania, South East Asia, South Africa, Latin America, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait ):

Representation of U.S and Italian pharmaceutical companies vis a vis M&A matters, along with related and ensuing contractual strategies;
Representation of Italian  tools and machinery manufacturers in the stone processing business vis a vis their contractual needs globally;
Representation of French company in  M&A deal involving Italian manufacturer of tools and parts;
Representation of Italian high quality yarns manufacturer in know-how and technical assistance agreements with key Mexican state-owned yarns manufacturer company;
Representation of pool of Italian investors in M&A deal involving Italian manufacturer of leather processing machinery;
Representation of Italian holding company wholly-owned by U.S public company in M&A multiple deals affecting Italian waste business;
Representation of Italian manufacturer of machinery and plants in joint venture project with U.S.S.R Ministry of Cellulose and Paper;
Representation of several small Italian companies in their overseas contractual negotiations in South Africa, India, Pakistan, Israel, the U.S.A, Canada, Perù, Brazil, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Egypt, Australia;
Representation of top Italian plant engineering company specializing in the sale and operation of kitchen plants in global contractual arrangements ( including China, Russian Federation, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Albania );
Representation of  leading Italian manufacturer of iron and steel production plants with respect to contractual arrangements affecting sale, operation, technical assistance, personnel training, of their customized plants; as well as in Client's contractual arrangements under ISDA provisions;
Representation of top Italian steel construction company in their approach to and negotiation of  joint venture company in Kuwait;
Legal Counselling to the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of the Interior, with respect to Int'l Business Law Contract Drafting;
Advising Taiwanese counsel, representing Chinese and Taiwanese companies, in their commercial disputes vs. Italian steel and iron manufacturer;
Representation of manufacturers of traditional Italian pasta products in negotations with overseas distributors.

2.Aviation - Air Force Transport Aircraft - Financing:       

Representation of top Italian State owned public company in the process of multiple sales of Promissory Notes issued by The Ministerio De Hacienda of Venezuela, in return for the purchase of several military transport Aeritalia G-222 Aircraft.
Advising  class actions / international securities litigation specialty U.S Law Firm in their dealings with multiple Italian institutional investors clientele.


3. Super - Mega Yachts - Maritime:     

Representation of Italian top designer company of mega/super yachts in their contractual arrangements with individual investor owners and shipyards, globally, including Russian , Arab , U.S private investors;
Representation of a U.S large shipyard with respect to complex M&A deal / long-term contractual arrangements with Italian shipyards, Italian designers of superyachts,involving also setting-up a new Italian shipyard;

Legal counselling in favour of  U.S. Lender with respect to purchase of yacht built by Italian shipyard and sold by Belgian owner.

 4.Marine Pollution - Maritime:

Advising U.S owners and operators of cruise liners with respect to regulatory provisions applicable under Italian and International Conventions (UNCLOS and MARPOL inter alia) in the prevention of pollution of sea caused by discharge of bilge waters.

5.Automotive - Top Vintage Cars:

Representation of U.S individual investor in deal involving purchase of a 1950 World only unit of a Ferrari Gran Turismo, and export to Minnesota, after de-registration from Italy's automobiles registry.

 6.Expats - Multifacet Assistance:

Representation of foreigners, particularly non-EU migrants, before Italian Government central agencies in connection with naturalization proceedings.


7. International Sailing.


Advising EUROSAF's President upon opportunities of co-operation with non European sailing federations which are members of ISAF, to enhance sailing practice among juniors.


9.Hospitality Law.


Representation and advice in Italian hotel owner’s negotiations with hotel tenant in view

of termination of Tenancy Agreement, including issues affecting ownership and rights of

use of internet domain-e-mail accounts.

 9.Miscellaneous  Pro Bono:        

Advising the American Bar Association and the World Justice Project upon approach to the Holy See in efforts to implement synergies in the area of The Rule of Law;
Contributing several articles for publication by the American Bar Association, Marine Money, LLC, with respect to varied topics, including maritime/admiralty, international litigation, The Rule of Law, EU Financial Regulation, international securities class actions proceedings, civil procedure under inquisitorial vs. adversarial approach.


Mr. Rosa is Italy's non-exclusive referral to several U.S. and overseas Law Firms and Business Associations, in connection with their Clients' needs, in Judicial or Non Judicial matters.

Mr. Rosa's Law Firm policies require that assistance in any matter be based upon executed Letter of Engagement, prior to commencement of work, and that rendering of services be accomplished  in full compliance with Italian Attorney Rules of Conduct, as well as civil and tax statutory provisions.


Mr. Rosa is actively involved in monitoring and pursuing awareness and enforcement of the Rule of Law globally, both personally as well as Leader of the American Bar Association.



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